Background of Dominic Tegelbeckers

Dominic Tegelbeckers is a Dutch architect, urban designer and energy specialist with 10+ years of professional experience.

He has been employed as an urban designer at HKB Stedenbouwkundigen, working on the Utrecht Station district as one of the lead designers. He helped implementing several new strategies and managed to set guidelines for all the developments on the west side of the station. (
Dominic has led international design teams. Prizes included EO Wijers, one of the Netherlands's most prestigious urban design awards.

In 2014 he started his own office: Dominic Tegelbeckers Urban Design and Architecture.  The ambition of this office is to create quality archictecture and urban design, with a stronger emphasis on sustainabilty. The office is part of the consortium (space and energy).
In 2014 he founded a business that provides products for sustainable energy and heating solutions within existing houses at Groene Hoed Duurzaam (Green Hat Holland).
From 2015 onward Dominic has been a parttime teacher at the Rotterdam School of Architecture with a specialism in sustainabilty. He is a member of the SUS ateliers program.

During his working experience and education he acquired knowledge of the Dutch building practice which allows high density city building while maintaining high quality urban environments, efficient integrated infrastructure systems and a positive sense of human scale. The context of the site is always considered to be a vital informant for the design, which should allow for the revealing of new layers of meaning over time.
A background in both architecture and urban design has provided him with an ability to work across a variety of scales and level of detail. He recognises the mutual opportunities between architecture and urban design.
His works have been honoroured with several awards, including the Eo-Weijers and the Schreuders award.

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